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Staff Recuirtment

Our main job as recruitment consultants is to assist the Human Resource Department lighten the burden of sourcing for productive and efficient staff.

Imagine how tedious and frustrating it could be when you advertise a job vacancy for five (5) personnel and about 500 applications were received. After the much tedious and time-consuming search, it could be discovered that less than five percent (5%) of the applicants meet the requisite criteria. What a nightmare to scan through 500 CVs in search of only five qualified applicants. This is one of the reasons why many companies end up with the wrong choice of employees.

Dealing with organizations like ours makes work easier; we exist for this purpose and are still in business for this same purpose – taking the stress off you. We have a database of job seekers on diverse fields of work and we have a system for short-listing only the qualified ones through a series of chat, tests and Interviews. We are not restricted to location or field. Our applicants cut across the country and we could go across the shores of this country only to satisfy you.

Enlisted below are some of our recruitment service packages:

Management / Professional Staff Recruitment:

In this package we recruit experience and competent personnel’s from specified field to occupy certain positions in companies such as, Admin Manager, Accountants, Doctors, Registered/Auxiliary Nurse, Engineers, Head Teacher, School Administrator, etc

Low Level Recruitment:

This covers all other levels of staff ranging from Secretaries, Office Assistant, Receptionist, Sales Attendant, Teachers, Bursar, Cleaners, Nursery Attendants, etc.

Executives Drivers Recruitment:

Even though drivers are neglected by some companies and individuals, they remain very significant in our day to day business activities. They are relevant to every department in the organization, not all companies can do without them. We see their important and we decide to take up the responsibility of recruiting drivers for organizations.

Domestic Staff Recruitment:

This service takes care of workers in the home. These classes of workers encompass Housemaid, Nannies, Gardeners, Security Guards, Cooks, Washer Men etc.

Our Other Services


This is a web technology, where you can send messages through the internet to many people at the same time with personalized sender name. e.g. Your Company’s Name (not more than 11 characters).

Benefits of BulkSms
i. It is the cheapest, fastest and direct means of marketing your products/services to your existing and prospective clients/customers.

ii. You can send information to thousands of customers at the same time with a personalized sender name.

iii. Apart from the quality of service delivery which can keep them, it is also necessary you often keep in touch with your clients/customers regularly to maintain a cordial relationship (communication is the fuel of relationship).


As management consultants, we published a magazine called SPEED ACCESS MAGAZINE, a monthly magazine distributed in Nigeria and Ghana. You can take the advantage to advertise your products/services.


There is a saying that “Information rules the world”. We have ONLINE WEBSITE where businesses both small and medium enterprises place their adverts for the world to view.


We organize training for low & high level staffs. Our training brand name is called PROJECT 500.


We have database of people in Lagos (street by street) for sales. Also Companies contacts such as Hospitals, MDs, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Schools, Working Class etc they are verified, Outside Lagos is also available.

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