As part of our contract process, we hereby present this engagement letter for your acknowledgement. This document conveys our policy and terms of contract.

Terms And Conditions

  1. All clients have direct dealing with Speed Access Resources and should always lay all complain to us.
  2. Speed Access Resources will shortlist and conduct pre-interview for Applicants.
  3. Clients must confirm every staff with Speed Access Resources Recommendation Letter before dealing with them.
  4. Also during interview period Speed Access Resources request the employer not to give any of their belonging to the Applicant such as CAR KEY, CASH and any OTHER PROPERTIES. Employer MUST NOT allow applicant to start work Without Speed Access Resources’ Consent (MD SAR).
  5. The basic and compulsory responsibility of the staff must be spelt out for documentation purposes.
  6. Speed Access Resources will give EMPLOYMENT LETTER to the applicant before he/she resumes duty. No transaction must be made between the applicant and the employer before official employment is contracted.
  7. Clients will be given periodic Performance Evaluation Chart to measure productivity of the staff.
  8. For client that needs DRIVER, the Car must have COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE on it.
  9. Speed Access Resources will do MEDICAL TEST for ONLY DOMESTIC STAFF such as Nanny, Househelp/Maid, House-keeper.
  10. No physical violence or harassment of any sort should be directed towards the staff and any act of such from the staff should be reported immediately to Speed Access Resources.
  11. Misconducts: Frequent lateness, constant absenteeism without considerable reason or proper notice and Disobedient to your company policy should be reported to us.
  12. Speed Access Resources shall inform the employer whenever there is ON-THE-JOB TRAINING organized by the company to invite their staffs to attend.

Staff Replacement

  1. In the event of replacement of staff, clients must give at least a month notice to Speed Access Resources.
  2. Speed Access Resources will REPLACE STAFF FOR CLIENTS within the period of a YEAR i.e Twelve (12) Months under the following conditions:
    1. The staff stops work during the probationary period.
    2. The staff disagrees with the terms and conditions of work being offered by the employer.
  3. Speed Access Resources shall NOT MAKE REPLACEMENT if the applicant’s:
    1. Basic human rights are abused or infringed upon by the employer.
    2. Salary was not paid when due.
    3. Life was threatened or the Applicant maltreated.
  4. The Total Replacement of applicant for a year is THREE (3) per position.

Financial Policy
Speed Access Resources will in the pursuit of protecting its client’s interest advertise vacancies on behalf of its client and such other associated expenditures shall form part of the bills to be paid by the clients:

  1. All Services Charge due to Speed Access Resources must be paid within THREE (3) DAYS after the Posting and Recruitment of an Applicant by the clients.
  2. Speed Access Resources negotiate Applicant’s salary with the employer and also determine what to pay the applicant. All monthly salary shall be paid through us. Note: No employer is allowed to discuss salary with the applicants.
  3. All Service Charge lasted for the period of One (1) year before renewal.
  4. Clients are required to pay staff for overtime.
  5. Applicant Salaries must be paid to Speed Access Resources Account on or before 28th of the month.
  6. All clients must make a payment of Consultation Fee and Service Charge. They are as follows:
    1. CONSULTATION FEE: All would-be employers/clients shall pay a NON-REFUNDABLE Consultation Fee of N3,000 Before Any Recruitment Process commences (Once in contract service).
    2. SERVICE CHARGE: Every Employer shall pay 10% per annum of the sum of agreed FULL MONTH SALARY of the applicant as SERVICE CHARGE. All payment should be made in cash or cheques to the under listed Account details.
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