We are pleased to introduce to you our noble organization

About Speed Access

SPEED ACCESS RESOURCES has been in the business of Recruitment, Training, Business Development, Marketing, Branding and Publishing for about half a decade and still performing outstandingly as an enterprise

We have undertaken special assignment over the years with both mega and minor incorporations through which we have exercised our competence.

Our Vision

To build the biggest and the most efficient business support firm in Nigeria through competent and timely service delivery.

Our Mission

Impacting on lives and businesses through our value- added services.

Our Mission Statement

…With integrity we make lives better.

Our Values

We are an organization that is guided by certain values captured in acronym ‘RISE’



As an organization we regard government laws and policies, corporate and individual standards. We respect their policy and never go beyond where we are allowed to operate.



Integrity and transparency are our watchword, you can’t distinguish our action from our principles neither can you differentiate between what we say, what we are and who we really are.



According to the famous American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “if you can’t explain it to a six (6) year old then you don’t understand it yourself”. Over the years we have ensured to make our services and transactions as simple as possible that even a dummy can do business with us.



We ensure timely response, timely delivery and timely feedback. We consider our client time in everything we do.

Number of Jobs

Number of Companies

Happy Clients

Our Clients

Our Strength

Our strength lies on the wings of these major factors:


When efforts are combined the output is usually astronomical. In this age of global interdependence, partnership is the only force that can drive a company successfully through stiff competitions.


Expertise is adding significant touches to things there by changing their values to something better. Our organization is a team of experts in our fields of specialty.


Experience is the thin difference between knowledge and action. Over the years, we have turn our knowledge into action over again which has given us a wide range of experience on our chosen field and has enhanced our capability to handle projects.


One of the strongest characteristics of our team is the ability to never say die. We are a team of people that are committed to Excellency of service. We have a trademark and a record of good work.

Our Objectives

  • We are thus guided by the following objectives.
  • To build organizational capacity through manpower development.
  • To provide competent and productive employees for organizations
  • To reduce the rate of unemployment through job opportunity creation.
  • To render help to struggling business through our various business support services.
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